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Meet Earth Sparks

Meet Earth Sparks

An Ideas Ecosystem for Everyone

Most people have good ideas but they often lack the skills, resources or connections to take them to the next level. So we created Earth Sparks - a bubble of energy with all the missing elements they need, access to industry experts, a named contact, interaction with peers, connections to prospective customers, somewhere to make partnerships and even raise money. 

Our Vision

Earth Sparks is a next-gen ideas ecosystem that will empower members to share their skills, resources, experiences, and connections to shape the future for entrepreneurs with disruptive technologies, creatives with inspiring ideas, non-profits who change lives, and life-journey seekers with amazing stories to tell.



With a vision to create thousands of freelance mentors and researchers, Earth Sparks has designed a gamified, marketplace where members discover the benefits of Hero XP, Jellybeans and WildSparks as we shape the future together.

A Glimpse into our Future...

Our Future

Earth Sparks  is almost ready!


Please subscribe for updates and we will give you bonus Hero XP and Jellybeans when we launch.

Subscribe for Updates

Subscribe today and as soon as we launch, we'll give you the heads up, a few Hero XP and Jellybeans to get you started, AND we'll go and create something special together!

Earth Sparks Inc

1160 Battery Street East, Suites 100

San Francisco, CA 94111

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